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Favorite Music Genre: J-Rock, 90's-2010 Hip-hop, 2000's rock

Likes: Video Games, Anime, Angry German Kid, Angry Grandpa, Doctor Who, & Pewdiepie videos

Dislikes: Justin Bieber, Bronies, Yaoi & Yuri, Poorly done movies, & Roblox
Hey guys, I've haven't made a journal for like an entire year I'm gonna talk about Bronies...

I hate this Mlp crap on the internet. It's some stupid fad that was invented by some autistic dude who was smoking weed who thought it was funny to think that they are the the character. Their an outcast to the crowd. No one cares about what show and/or movie you like. Especially if it's a good show. They try to convert everyone to homosexual outcasts. They also attack people who say anything bad about their "precious" show. If you try try to run from a brony, It will do 2 of the options:

1. Try to convert you into a Brony
2. send threats to your home.

They force everyone to watch crap like that. They have to get their hands on everything...why?...why? because they want their disease to infect the internets these days.  Perhaps you're looking up a video about Minecraft, and then some idiot says on the comments "This video is now about ponies" and all it's idiot friends will join in. they also have a thing called "Ponifying" which they choose a character from a Game, TV Show, Movie, orBook, There could be a Pony Version of it. The other day I was looking up the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who. And then like 10 rows over, I see a pony version of David Tennant. They've even ponified Call of Duty games. Why would you make something that' already bland, and try to make it bland? I also know that some of them could be pedophiles. if you're sitting next to a guy who likes My Little Ponies, He could be a pedophile.

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anytime holmes
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Awe u don't like yaoi or yuri? O.o
DogzOK Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
yep. it's been burning my eyes for years
SouOfAnAngel Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Student Interface Designer
aww, why? :/
DogzOK Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
the gayness burns my eyes
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anytime. if you want you ca ncheck out the other crap i have on my deviantions. peace
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